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On Pitch - A Tuner's Bible
Tuning Master Class
All-Day Thursday - Registration Required
Rick Baldassin, RPT - Baldassin Pianos - Salt Lake City, UT
Jason Cassel, RPT, M.A. - Brigham Young University - Salt Lake City, UT

Thursday, Sessions A thru D, Brandywine

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Dynamic Maintenance
Service and Regulation
All-Day Thursday - Registration Required
Anne Garee, RPT - Florida State University (ret) - Tallahassee, FL
Louis del Bene, RPT - North Bennet Street School - Boston, MA

Thursday, Sessions A thru D, Dover

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Make It Shine!
Polyester Finish Repair
All-Day Thursday - Registration Required
Gregory Cheng, RPT - Allied Piano and Finish LLC - Southeastern PA

Thursday, Sessions A thru D, Annapolis

Having the skills to cope with scratches, dings and gouges in piano cases greatly enhances your value to your customers and dealers. Add to your income in surprisingly simple ways. Many nicks and scratches are easy to repair with minimal material investment. All are learnable and not difficult with practice. This seminar concentrates on the repair and polishing of high gloss polyester finishes.

Art of Tone Regulation
Voicing Master Class
All-Day Thursday - Registration Required
Steve Brady, RPT - Brady Piano Services - Seattle, WA
Arlan Harris, RPT; - Arlan Harris Productions - New York City

Thursday, Sessions A thru D, Wilmington

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Preparing for the Written Exam
Exam Team
Day, Session, Classroom

We will introduce you to all the study aids and material that PTG has published to prep you for the written exam. Explaining the procedures for starting the “Walk to RPT” and outline the content of the test in an effort to put you at ease before you make the commitment. The written exam will be given on Sunday morning.

Introduction to the Technical Exam
Exam Team
Day, Session, Classroom

A walkthrough of the requirements of the PTG technical exam and a survey of test equipment and procedures. Find out how to prepare for the exam, what tools and supplies you need to bring to the test site and what examinees are entitled to before, during and after the test. Learn how to best utilize your time, improve efficiency, cope with exam anxiety and other skills and strategies you need to successfully tackle the exam. For PTG Associate members only.

Understanding the Tuning Exam
Exam Team
Day, Session, Classroom

Gain an insight of what you are expected to know, how the exams will be administered and scored, what exam preparation materials are available and where they can be found. Know what you will need to do to be prepared to take the exam.