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Tuning Exams • Technical Exams
South Central PA Regional Exam Board (SCPAEB) - June 2017
Location: Elizabethtown, PA (Harrisburg area)
Contact: Gregory Cheng,, 267-994-5742

Written Exam
PTG MARC: Sunday, April 30, 8:00 am, Hemlock Classroom

PTG RPT Prep Classes

Step Up Your Game
Rick Butler, RPT  -  Steinway Concert Technician  -  Washington, DC
Saturday, Sessions 5 and 6, Salon D Classroom

I once asked a much respected technician who teaches tuning at one of the resident tuning schools what the most difficult concept was for his students to grasp. Was it learning to hear beats? Was it learning to manipulate the tuning hammer? He said ‘Not at all’. What was it then, I asked? His answer somewhat surprised me. He simply replied: ‘Interval relationships’. Understanding how the various interval combinations are used to establish and analyze a tuning is very significant. When the use of these intervals is combined with our tuning objective or philosophy, the result can be quite amazing.

This class is not just about how to establish a temperament, but how to expand the interval relationships developed within the temperament, to the bass and treble of the piano. We will talk about how unisons are intervals which should reinforce our objective. We will also discuss how voicing is a critical part of tuning.

This lecture/demonstration class will appeal to those who wish to become aural tuners and pass the PTG Tuning Exam as well as those who are already aural tuners and wish to up their game. We will also use live video so everyone can see the keyboard when we are working at the piano.


Preparing for the Written Exam
Marc Poulin, RPT  -  PTG Northeast Regional Vice President  -  Vermont
Friday, Session 1, Fir Classroom

We will introduce you to all the study aids and material that PTG has published to prep you for the written exam. Explaining the procedures for starting the “Walk to RPT” and outline the content of the test in an effort to put you at ease before you make the commitment. The written exam will be given on Sunday morning.


Introduction to the Technical Exam
Exam Team
Saturday, Session 6, Fir Classroom

A walkthrough of the requirements of the PTG technical exam and a survey of test equipment and procedures. Find out how to prepare for the exam, what tools and supplies you need to bring to the test site and what examinees are entitled to before, during and after the test. Learn how to best utilize your time, improve efficiency, cope with exam anxiety and other skills and strategies you need to successfully tackle the exam. For PTG Associate members only.


Tuning Exam Self-Study With Your ETD
Dave Carpenter, RPT  -  Veritune, Inc.  -  Chicago, IL
Saturday, Session 8, Hemlock Classroom

Learn a new way to practice aural tuning and study for the PTG Tuning Exam using your own Electronic Tuning Device as a tutor! See demonstrations of how the PTG Tuning Exam is scored and how you can drill and isolate each aural tuning skill independently with just a few easy steps using any ETD. Fine tune your skills to prepare for the exam, or just learn to be a better aural tuner.